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Military Figures & Gifts - The story so far ......

Military Figures & Gifts

From a personal point of view, when I was growing up I always thought there was only a few services within the Army Forces; The Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, and to grow up and learn that there are hundreds of various regiments, and personnel that are part of these regiments was a slight take back! - "How is there such little around for these regiments?" - Something had to be done about it! - We started off by offering Regimental sets, such as Lapel Pins, Cufflinks and tie bars, with the regimental crest as the main feature, just to give people that option to be unique, and have pride in what they do! - As time has gone on, products have been added, which much love, Clocks, Mugs, Coasters and much more - At time of writing this, Phone cases, iPad cases and Pens are added, just to name a few! 

Military Figures & Gifts, well the name explains it, we Sell Military items! - but not many people know you can reach us in other way, such as - Which is the name of our building!,, and of course

Military Heritage was created as a act of respect for all the Veterans from WW1, we are approaching the 100th aniversary! What better way to celebrate, than to look back on our own history, and offer the products from the regiments, most of which are no longer with us! 

Military Figures & Gifts takes pride in all products, and each and every order placed, if we are not personally happy with it, it will not be sent! - Customer satisfaction is a number one priority!

We always love to interact with our customers, and find out what they think of our work, from Facebook comments through our page or Twitter feed, to Reviews on our website and direct emails!