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Military Figures & Gifts Latest News and Updates

November 2013 

Well, it's been a very interesting few weeks, from adding all of the features below, to transfering our site to a brand new server. We are not hosting on a dedicated server, meaning our load times are much faster! Noticed how quick the site loads! During this transition time our website was offline, or atleast the checkout was! - We had a few database issues at first, which we have now resolved, and are continuing to add more and more products! We have not totally streamlined our intergration with ebay! So customers who buy stuff off us on ebay, now have the same welcome emails, and order confirmations as the customers off our website do, making it a little easier for everyone to know where they are with their order status! This also means that stock status, delivery status and order status updates are always live and correct, including Tracking information! We are working really hard at the moment with Supporting Our Brave, a charity set up to help veterans and provide as much help and support as possible, if you get two seconds, find them on facebook, and drop them a like! 

Many changes are coming to our site, we will continue to update you on our progress of this as it continues to grow!

Remeberance Day service this year was as perfect as always, and we will continue to hold stock of the Poppy, Lest We Forget series along with Donations until the stock runs dry! - Making sure to provide the British Legion with as much support as we can!

October - November 2013 - 1st official update

We are currently upgrading our website, so alot of things may change over the coming weeks, New products, new collections and it's all for the better! We have decieded to remove the fixed flat Rate shipping and offer a selection of shipping methods, to suite you, the customer on which way you want the items to be delivered. Our entire site has been re-built from the ground up this time, with speed and efficiency in mind, As you can probably imagine, to make sure a website works fast and as it should is normally not an issue, but when you have thousands of thousands of products it can get slow sometimes! That's changed! 

Phone cases, iPad cases and even flip cases! - We have a huge selection of phone cases available! From iPhone 4 to HTC One! Also, we have an exclusive universal phone pouch, so maybe your phone is not listed, firstly, just drop us an email to check if we can get it! Sometimes we can get other handsets, We don't list all the phone cases we can get due to the number of them! - But if we can't get the case you are after, just grab a universal pouch, Double sided full colour with the regiment or crest of your selection! This can also be found on the Phone Cases listing! iPads make up a huge market share of Tablet computers today, Which is why we are now offering iPad cases, Again, with your regiment or crest on! From the Original 1st Generation iPad, to the brand new iPad air! They are there! We can personalise any case with anything! Want your name, Number or time served, no problem, Just drop your details into the box on the induvidual listings! 

Reviews! Everyone loves to look at a review of a product before they buy it, simply so they know what they are buying is what they want! So no better way than to intergrate a full Review system, straight into our shop! All reviews are from buyers of our products, and as soon as you buy a product, you will receive the order confirmation via email, and shortly after you've received the item, you will get another email, Simply asking what you thought of the product! - But here's the thing! - No longer do you need to click on a link, Login, then comment, now you can do it all from the email itself! With just a single click on the submit button will get it all sorted and publisehd live to our site, so other customers can see the review! - Also, Leave a review and we will give you a coupon off for your next purchase, just as a quick thank you!

Here at Military Figures we have many ways for you to get in touch with us, From Emails, Contact us forms and a simple phone call, So you know we are always at the end of a phone line, or... email address! But now, we are available for live chat! During our normal working hours of 9AM - 4PM we are trialling a new Live Chat system, on our website, need a little help? Just need to confirm something? Just pop up the chat, and drop us a message, one of our staff will be sure to help you to the best of their knowledge!

So we hope you enjoy your new experience with us, and please feel free to drop us a like, and follow us on twitter, we'd love to hear what you think!